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So, GoNerdify are somewhat different to most academic writing sites, and so they'll need a broader kind of review to properly examine what they do. Modern day students do need services that can work around them, and can offer services that can be delivered quickly. So, can Nerdify live up to their own hype, or are they just another scam? This review will investigate.

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Services seem to understand that students don't have a lot of time, and when they're balancing, home, work, and school life, something has to give. You contact them through Facebook Messenger or by text, and you can ask them for almost any kind of essay or paper you can think of. They can also offer other services, such as help with questions on homework assignments, or locating books needed for your course. As they say on their site, as long as it's legal and within your university's guidelines, they can do it.


The reviews from past and current users on Go Nerdify say that they're an efficient and friendly service to work for, which are two things you want from the service that's writing your paper. However, the nature of the service means that there's no real way of checking the quality they can offer. Any student who's short on time, dealing with ESL, or struggling with their assignments, doesn't want to spend an awful lot of time trying to find out if the service is legit. Because of this, it's likely that those needing academic writing will probably start looking elsewhere.


Again, due to the nature of GoNerdify's service, there's no way to get a price estimate before ordering with them. At the moment, you would have to get in touch via Facebook messenger or text and let them know exactly what you need in order to get a quote. Some students may not want to do that, as it then feels like they're being locked into a contract before they even know how much it will cost them. As we don't have concrete prices, there's no discount code or coupon offers either.


The joy of Nerdify is that you have built in support right from the start, as you're already in touch with your writer through Messenger or text. If you need to get in touch in other ways, they have an email address, or you can contact a branch directly, if you're in the US or UK.


Let's be honest here, it's almost impossible to say whether you should use Go Nerdify or not. They may well have the best writers out there, but there's no evidence to say so. Because there's no samples or prices to check on, there's no real way to say whether they're worth using or not.

If you want to use an alternative with a proven track record, BoomEssays are the way to go. They have highly qualified writers in a huge variety of subjects, and can deliver no matter how quickly you need that essay.

GoNerdify Review
Date published: 01/13/2017
3 / 5 stars

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Student Joe

Reviewed Go Nerdify

Writing services helped me with more than 4 essays during 3rd grade at my college. I used one trusted services, but this time I decided to try something new and found Nerdify very user friendly and mobile related. It was easy to talk to the support agent in the beginning, but then... It was a nightmare fix badly written essay. Finally I failed the deadline and got a bad mark for the first time!

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