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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy outlines all of the types of information we retrieve and hold on any users of the website and what we do with any user information that we do collect. It is your responsibility to read and understand all of these privacy policy terms.

User Information that We Collect

1. Aggregate and Anonymous Information: We collect certain information whenever our site is accessed – the browser being used, pages that are visited, IP addresses, and the length of time visitors spend on our site. We aggregate this information and analyze it for modifications and improvements of our site. No personal information is collected in this process.

We also use cookies, and those will be active any time you access our site for the time during which you are present on our site. When anyone becomes a user, we will place a more permanent cookie so that the user can access the site easily. Cookies can be disabled at any time; however, disabling cookies may impact the full use of our site.

2. Personal Information: Any user establishing an account on our site will complete a personal profile. This will allow communication with other users and participation in other features and activities on the site. Should your user information change, you should update your profile.

User-Posted Content

You are free to post content, so long as it is in accordance with our Terms and Conditions. You may also set privacy settings to determine who will see that content, although you are cautioned that privacy settings are not guaranteed secure. Others may also post content on your pages, which you have the option to keep or remove.

Users always have the option of removing content that they have posted. However, if that content has been passed to other users, it is public on the site. Your deletion does not remove that content from where it may reside elsewhere on our site. We urge all users to consider all content that they publish to be public.

Content restrictions are contained in the Terms and Conditions Agreement. Users must read and agree to these terms. Violation of content restrictions can result in suspension and/or banishment from the site. If you become aware of content violations on the part of any other user, you are responsible for reporting that violation to site administrators.

User Invitations

If a user wishes to invite someone to join our site, that user should furnish the contact information to us. We will send an email invitation in your name. Should that individual decide not to join, we may keep that contact information for future contact.

Age Limits

No one under the age of 13 may use our site or set up an account. If we become aware of an underage user, we will delete the account immediately. Such users may re-join if we have verification that a parent/guardian approves, through a notarized statement.

Age 13-18

We recommend that users between these ages get parental permission before joining Rated Writing and placing their personal information on our site. This is just a good practice when joining any Internet site.

Our Use of Your Information

When you set up your account with Rated Writing, you will provide personal information to us. However, only your first name and last initial will be shown to the public. If you should decide to provide more personal information to individual or collective users, you are fully responsible for any consequences of that decision. We are not responsible or liable for any results.

We do utilize personal information, specifically name and email address, so that we may send newsletters and other information to users. You may opt out of our emails, but we will still send you important information as it arises.

You are responsible for your own privacy settings. If you allow other users access to our profile, you are responsible for any consequences.

What We Share with third Parties

We will share user information with third parties if we believe there are products or services that would be of interest. For example, if we know that a user like a specific recording artist, and a latest recording is available for download at a greatly discounted price, we will contact that user with the information. Only user information that is public will be shared with any third party.

Sharing Your Contact Information

We may share your information under the following conditions:

  1. When you make a purchase on our site, your information will be forwarded to a secured third-party processor that we use. This is what all online retailers do.
  2. If a law enforcement or other government agency requests your information we will provide it
  3. When and if we suspect that you have violated any law while using the Rated Writing site, we will contact the appropriate legal authorities and surrender your information to them. You should review the Terms and Conditions agreement so that you kknow what we consider illegal activity.
  4. If ownership of the Rated Writing site is transferred, your personal information will be transferred as well. Unless and until a new Privacy Policy is written, this current policy remains in place.

User Sharing of Personal Information with Third Parties

If a user links to a third party site from our site, none of our policies are in effect any longer. Further, if any user should provide persona and/or financial information to that third party, we are not responsible for any consequences. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that the third party is legitimate and reputable.

Amending Your Personal Information

You may access your profile page to make changes or to remove personal information. Use the editing tool that is provided on that page to do this.

If you remove content you have previously posted, then it will no longer show up on your page. However, it may be on other user pages and they may have already shared it with others as well. We cannot be responsible for that. Any content you post is public, even after you delete it, for the period that it was posted.

Rated Writing Security

We use sophisticated and current security tools to protect user information – secure servers and firewalls. These protect your personal information. Your profile, your posts, and any messages you send or receive are not secure. We are not responsible if you share personal information through any of these public venues on the site.

Binding Policies

Anyone choosing to use our site is automatically bound by this policy and by our Terms and Conditions. Your use of the Rated Writing site constitutes your agreement that you have read and that you understand both of these policies.

If we make changes to either this Privacy Policy or to the Terms and Conditions Agreement, such changes will be published on the Rated Writing site. We will also email those changes to all users who have provided an email address for such notifications.

As soon as any change I published on our website, it becomes effective and all users are bound by it.


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