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Affordable Papers say exactly what they offer in the name. They want to offer top quality, high grading papers for prices that the typical student on a budget can afford. After all, any student who's struggling with ESL, or time management, will want to be able to get help without emptying their bank account. Can they really reach that goal every time? This review will look into what they can offer.

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AffordablePapers don't go into a lot of detail on their site about the services they can offer students. They say they can write essays, term papers, research papers, or reports that are custom to the student buying them. They also claim that their writers are disciplined in more than 70 different subjects, but it's difficult to tell if their claims are really legit.


There are reviews from past customers on the site, but they don't tell us an awful lot about what they do. They're mostly positive, but we note one person said they had to make tweaks to what they'd been given. If you're really short on time. You don't want to order a custom written essay, only to find that you need to make edits yourself. If you're looking for examples, you're out of luck, too. There are no samples to peruse, which is a real deal breaker when there are just so many academic writing websites to choose from.


Pricing depends on exactly what you need from Affordable Papers. A page starts from $9 USD, depending on the expertise level needed. A ten page paper at undergraduate level comes out at $110 USD if you can give the full 14 days to it being written. This is slightly cheaper than other sites we have reviewed. At the time of writing, we can't see any discount code or coupon offer for first-time customers.


If you do decide to go with, there are a few ways you can get in touch with them. There's a toll-free number if you're in the UK, US, or Canada. There's also the option of email contact, or live chat directly on the website.


So, should you trust Affordable Papers with your all important essay? They're not exactly a scam project, but we honestly wouldn't recommend it. The problem is that there are no examples available online, so no matter how experienced their writers are, we just don't know for sure. Once you've put down your money, you're committed, so it's better to do the research first and find a writing service you can trust 100%.

If you're looking for an alternative writing service who you can trust, we recommend trying out X-Essays.They have years of experience of writing top grading essays, and they have the evidence to back those claims up. They can offer discounts for first-time customers, and can give you an instant price estimate in the currency of your choice. Get in touch and see for yourself what they can do Review Customers’ Reviews(0) Review comments(0)

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