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Best Essays say that they're there for any stressed out student that needs help. That could be a student with ESL, who has to work as well as study, or is just struggling with the course load they have. If you're considering going with them to have your essay written for you, read this review first.

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There's plenty of things that BestEssays can do for you if you need the help. They have writing services, if you need an assignment, lab report, or speech written. There's an editing and proofreading service, if you've already written the work and want an expert to check it. There's also an admissions service, so you can get your admissions essays written to give you the best chance of getting that college place.

These are all useful services for them to offer, but we wonder if they really have the staff to be able to do all this. These are all separate skills, and we suspect that a legit service would have to have a very large staff to accommodate them all. This could have an effect on the pricing, if they are staffed adequately.


There are lots of samples and reviews available on the website, so you can page through and see what kind of work you can expect to get from them. Everything on there says that the work is great quality, and that it's delivered quickly, but we've had reports that say otherwise.

What worries us the most is the reports that students have received essays that have clearly been written for other customers, or that have been prewritten and so don't answer the question properly. When your grades are on the line, this is something you don't want to risk. It does look like a scam when this is happening to students.


There are varied prices on offer, depending on what you need from your essay. There are three different standards you can buy: Standard, Premium and Platinum. A 10-page essay, due in 10 days time, will price out like so: A Standard essay will be $150.20 AUD, a Premium one is $172.70, and a Platinum one is $195.20.

There's a coupon too, for 25% off your first order. You don't even need to enter a discount code, just click the button that says you're ordering for the first time as you place your order.


Best Essays promise that they will give you as many rewrites as you need on your essay, and that what you'll get is 100% original. However, we've seen that this is not always the case. This means that you may not be able to trust them on what they're saying to you.


We would recommend that you don't go with BestEssays, as you could get a resold essay. You don't want to risk that when it comes to your assignment. Instead, go with as an alternative. Their essays are always original, every time, and the quality is top notch. Review Customers’ Reviews(0) Review comments(0)

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