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Add to compare is an online writing service, from which people can hire a professional writer to do a variety of projects at a small fee. They guarantee to provide high quality work in as short as 6 hours, and they are trusted by many. There have been many great reviews written on their website, so they appear to be incredibly legitimate.


Boom Essays cater to most writing tasks, and can produce very high quality pieces of work in a very short space of time. They offer a wide range of services for every skill level, and can cater to almost any writing project one could ever need.

Services include:

  • Essay writing
  • CV's & Resume's
  • Dissertations
  • Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Articles
  • and much more.

Another exciting feature of Boom Essays, is the accessibility to Maths and Science students. Calculations, research etc. are all available at a similar fee, which is just one of the many things that make Boom Essays unique. delivers all over the world, although they only advertise their services in English.

One of the key things in making this site so special is it's ability to cater to whatever skill level is required, catering for those in High School, all the way to those doing a Master's degree. Anyone can access this site and buy written work according to the level they require, at an affordable price.


On, there is a section of the site with sample writings available for people to view before they put their faith and money into the writers of Boom Essays. Each piece of work available to view is of a high standard, and the quality cannot be questioned. The writers of are industry professionals, so they can be entrusted with the tasks that are at hand.

Another key thing to know when buying from, is the ability to choose a writer that suits you and your task. On the site, one can browse the writers available, and choose the right person for the job should they wish. This allows flexibility, and provides a more personal experience.


Boom Essays understand the struggles of being a student in need of some writing help, so their prices are extremely reasonable, and the services are accessible. The site has free features available, such as proofreading and Copyscape. One of the greatest things about Boom Essays, is the affordability compared to the high standard of work that customers receive.

It operates on a price per page basis, and this makes transactions incredibly easy. There are no hidden fees, and the handy price tool on each page plays a large part in allowing for a smooth and simple experience when using the site.


There are discounts available to the users of BoomEssays, and this is another positive feature that makes it highly worthwhile. Lifetime discounts apply to frequent users of BoomEssays, and the more writing one buys, the more discounts they receive.

After 15 pages, a 5% discount is applied to every purchase. This then works it's way up to 15% discount after 100 pages, which is an extremely positive aspect of the site. First time users can also receive a hefty 15% off when they use the code 15OFF.

Customer Support

Boom Essays provides a chat service to all of its customers, and a helpline for those who would prefer to speak over the phone. The customer support department of this company is extremely dedicated to making sure it's customers are receiving the highest quality work, and that they are incredibly satisfied with the value for their money. The friendly customer support agents are always available to help their customers, and will do their best to provide a seamless, hassle-free experience. There is also an FAQ page available to customers, should they wish to resolve their own problems before speaking with a customer services manager.


One of the key guarantees declared by is that the work they provide will be of an extremely high quality, and this has proven to be incredibly honest, as all of the work produced by them is highly impressive. Another of the most important features of this site is its reliability. Users of Boom Essays can be reassured that their assignments will be done in the time that they have requested, and this is one of the key factors in the site's desirability.

The writing is of a high quality, and it will be delivered within the required deadline, and these are possibly the most important guarantees a customer could require from an essay service. Privacy is also an important aspect, and BoomEssays promises that each assignment is private and confidential. Professors and teachers will never know!

User Reviews

On the, there is a Testimonial page, filled to the brim with positive reviews from satisfied customers. In order to leave a review, one must be a paying customer with an account on the site, so there is no chance of finding fake reviews and scams. The high performance of this site and the important services it offers, mean that it comes at no surprise how satisfied its customers are. Each review is at least 4 stars, and the customers of this site are incredibly satisfied, which is evident by the reams of positive reviews left on the site. is an ideal site for anybody who is short of time, knowledge, or simply isn't very good at essays. There is a wide variety of products and services available, and each piece of work is of an incredibly high quality. Boom Essays is one of the most successful essay writing sites because of its high quality and array of services available, with its affordable prices and no hidden costs. Overall, it is an incredibly useful site for people in all walks of life, and this is why it is one of the top recommended essay writing services in the world. Review Customers’ Reviews(5)


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I've never ordered from an essay writing service before, so I didn't know what kind of quality I could expect. When I got my essay back, I made sure to read it carefully and I was pleased with what I got. The subject knowledge was top notch, and the writer had really gone to the effort of using the source materials well. Plus, the writing had been well proofread and edited, as I could see there were no faults anywhere. Now I know how well they write essays, I'll come back for more when I need help again. Thank you!

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I have been tricked by an essay writing service before so I came into this with a fear that I'd be conned again. I won't call out any names now but the customer service worker I talked to was rude to me when I asked when will my paper be done. I expected the same here but I was amazed by how good an essay writing service can actually be. They were nice to me, constantly updated me on the progress, they delivered the work on time – which was excellent by the way. It seemed like it was written by a professor.

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I’ve just had my first experience with Boom Essays, and I’m impressed. I’ve used about half a dozen essay writing services like this in the past, but none of them ever delivered the service I was looking for.
With Boom Essays, I order my essay, and it was delivered on time. I did notice a few mistakes in the content such as typos, however, so I let the writer know and he re-proofread it free of charge! Thanks for all your help!

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There are so many bad reviews online that I didn't really know what to think. I didn't want to get scammed yet their website looked really professional and there were also a lot of good reviews. Still, I figured that I should see for myself and I was definitely proved wrong. I never expected this. The work that I got in the end was stellar but meanwhile, everyone has been so nice to me and they eventually explained that all of the bad reviews that I've seen online are probably ways for competition to strike them.

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I've been struggling with my History essays, as I couldn't get to grips with the topic at hand. I was matched up with an experienced writer here, and they walked me through exactly what they were going to do. In the end, the essay I bought got me through that topic and I didn't have to worry about it. It make me feel a lot better about my grades. Thank you

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So happy with the order I got. I got the grades I needed, and I could focus on the other projects I had on the go at the same time. It was a real life saver.

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