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From the off of this site looks and feels completely different. One of the first things you notice is a panel regarding writing in a language that is not native. It is not often that sites recognize this as a problem. The site is difficult to follow simply because it feels so unlike others and it has different options to most. For instance, individual writing advice is offered, along with the opportunity to actually write for Edusson as a trained instructor. There is a section called “Edussson writing labs” that give writing tips for those wanting to do their own essays.

Edusson review Comments have noted that the website is different, and quite difficult to get around, especially if you are looking for just the usual standard essay writing service.

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Writers, support, quality of service

Interestingly,  the writers write under pseudonyms and have a page dedicated to them called “top writers.” There is a list of these writers in a kind of league table that rates them according to the number of completed orders, customer reviews and their success rates; presumably as rated by those previous customers in the customer reviews. Clicking on the writer’s name will bring up their “profile” (although there is not much to go on in any of them) and also previous jobs which are rated by the students as well as the writer.

We looked at half a dozen writer profiles at random, and none of them mentions the qualifications or areas of specialty; most seem to be generalists, and will take on any subject. This doesn't seem quite right somehow.

Edusson customers reviews back up the difficulty in trying to find out exactly what the specialty of the writers is and how to differentiate between them.

Payments and safety prices are impossible to determine really; because of the system that they employ, the student posts their writing requirements to the site, and the writers who are interested in completing it all bid to complete the task. For this reason it is difficult to ascertain a comparable and accurate price or guide.

In answer to the question, “is Edusson safe?” we have to say that it probably is - although it is a fairly new.

It accepts MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover and, of course, PayPal, as payment methods. These would require security checks - beyond that, we cannot say.

We could find no details of any discount code of any kind.

Edusson coupon offers were non-existent

Edusson promo codes offers were also non-existent reviews were very sketchy when it came to the question of payments and the process involved in the work being placed.

Free features

We could find no such features anywhere, however, there is a section which says that plagiarism checks come as standard. rating comments also note that there seem to be no free offers or features whatsoever on this website.


Edusson claim to have local sites in the United Kingdom in Australia and in China.

We could find no membership or affiliation of BBB, (Better Business Bureau)

Edusson testimonials can be found on their website and, of course, are glowing there, but we could find no other mentions anywhere.

Edusson seems to be a bit of a free-for-all and catch all service. Underneath the glossy web page, it would seem to be a lot of people who may, or may not be, qualified - who can tell? - all are bidding for assignments and making up the prices as they go along.

You may well be able to get a good deal -  or you may not -  the whole problem with this site is simply not being able to tell - and not having the certainty of an exact price and specification; not to mention the writers' qualifications being vague and nebulous. Review Customers’ Reviews(1)

Kate P.

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Well, the website is quite minimalist. I couldn't find any useful information, so I contacted the support. They almost made me order the paper. I wasn't sure if I should, but the manager was so annoying telling me about all the benefits and how cool they were that I placed an order in the end. I set the deadline in 3 days, but it was still late for 2 hours. It was written fine, but late delivery disturbed me. I'm not sure whether they are able to perform urgent tasks on time, if they have failed to meet even my deadline.

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