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Essay Doc know that there's a lot of competition out there when it comes to essay writing services. That's why they make the offer of letting you choose your own writer, right on their home page. However, for students with ESL or those who can't devote the time to their essays, is this enough? This review aims to find out if they're as legit as they say they are.

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EssayDoc appears to cover a wide range of academic writing when you look into their services. There are services for essay writing, creative writing, and dissertation writing, amongst others. However, they aren't as competitive as other services as they don't offer proofreading and editing, something a lot of students need at one point or another. There's also no cover letter or CV services, which have become very much in demand lately.


The reviews on the website are generally very positive, but is that reflecting the true experience of other students who've ordered with them? We've asked several, and ordered our own papers to get an idea.

Sadly, the papers we've seen haven't been able to stand up to the standards of other writing services. They aren't as well researched or easy to read as they should be, and it seems that picking your own writer isn't a guarantee of success. Some students have reported that their writers even plagiarised parts of their essays.


The Essay Doc website promises that their essays start at $7.50 per page. However, there's no price calculator available, so you can't get an accurate idea of price without starting an account with them and putting the order through. When you're shopping around, that's going to put you off. What's worse for bargain hunters is that there doesn't seem to be discount code or coupon for first-time buyers. The price as it stands seems fairly cheap, but you have to consider that you really are getting what you pay for here.


EssayDoc promises that you can get in touch with your writer whenever you need to. In practice, we found that it isn't as easy as it sounds. Your writer may be in a different time zone to you, so getting answers back can take hours. Not great if your deadline is soon.

They offer multiple guarantees, but it's clear that they can't hold themselves to them. Students have found that their details have been sold on and couldn't get their money back when needed, even though it's claimed they'll do this no questions asked.

Conclusion aren't the place to go if you want a clear idea of what you're buying. Their essay quality is low and you can't even get a good idea of what you're buying before you put the order in. We recommend avoiding them. They're not a scam, but they're shoddy at best.

As an alternative, are the way to go. They stick to their promises, and they make sure you get an excellent essay, every time. You get what you pay for with their writers. Review Customers’ Reviews(0) Review comments(0)

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