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As a writing service, Evolution Writers say that they're able to deliver high quality for low prices. For students on a budget, especially ESL student who want to make a good impression, that's a tempting offer. However, many scam websites say the same thing. Are they legit or should they be avoided? This review will find out.

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As an academic writing service, it seems as though has every kind of essay covered. They'll write argumentative essays, literature reviews, and presentations amongst others. They also offer homework help for high school age students, and application essays if you're applying to higher education institutions. There seems to be plenty on offer if you need it.


The test of any academic writing service is the quality of the papers it can produce. To test whether EvolutionWriters were up to the challenge, we gained honest reviews from past customers of theirs, as well as ordering our own samples to scrutinise.

The results we got were poor to say the least. We found that their writers are known to resell essays they've done in the past, so the student in question will have an essay that doesn't fit the assignment brief given to them. Worse, some have even plagiarised material, so your essay won't pass the checks every university now makes as standard. These are worrying trends for a company that claims to care about its customers.


We've created a sample order for you, so you can see how much you'd be expected to pay if you had an essay written by Evolution Writers.

An undergraduate essay, written within 10 days and at 2 pages, will cost $28 USD. This is a fairly standard price for the industry, but remember that you aren't getting the quality that you'll be used to from other sites. If you're looking for a coupon or discount code, you're also out of luck. There doesn't appear to be any kind of first time customer's deal on their website.


There's plenty of guarantees on the EvolutionWriters website, including:

  • 1005 money back guarantee if you aren't happy with your essay
  • High-quality essays every time
  • Plagiarism free essays

However, as we've seen these promises don't hold up. Students have reported that they've had trouble getting their money back too, as the rules are much stricter than they've been led to believe.


We can't recommend Evolution Writers, as the essays they've offered students just aren't up to the standard they should expect. As a result, their writing and services are rather poor. Your grades are worth much more than what they can offer you.

If you want an alternative, we would recommend using instead. All of their writers are vetted before they start working, and are checked to ensure that they write only 100% original essays. We've found their work to always be high quality, so give them a try instead. You'll get much better work for the same price. Review Customers’ Reviews(0) Review comments(0)

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