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Grade on Fire is a website that offers writing services. The services are primarily aimed at students who would like a little help with their essays. If you are looking for a way to make your work really pop and ensure you get the grades you deserve, then is the site for you.

What Services Are Available?

Grade on Fire offer a full and thorough list of services. They will write your paper, edit and proofread it, research it and even re-write it if you feel you have the content down and just need it sprucing up a bit. They even offer help with math related calculations. really is your one stop shop for everything study related.

They offer various levels of writing ranging from high school level all the way through to the doctorate level. You will be sure to find what you need at this site.

Of course, using a service like this, it can be a worry that the quality of the paper isn’t up to scratch and you end up having to re-write it yourself. There’s no such worry here. Grade on Fire use qualified writers who have a vast knowledge of their subject areas, and are native English speakers meaning you get a perfect paper every time.

Price Matters – The Basics

So what about pricing? As students, every penny counts. It can be tempting to choose someone who charges very little. Don’t. There’s a reason they don’t charge much. If you want good quality writers from an established company who have a complete, tried and tested process in place, then you have to pay for them.

And Grade on Fire definitely fall into this category.  Their prices fall well within the industry standard. You won’t be ripped off, and you will receive the quality you would expect for the price.

The prices start out as low as £4.10 for a one-page proof read. The pricing is structured and depends upon the service you require, the academic level, the pages or word count and how quickly you need it.

Money saving tip: Don’t wait until the last minute to place your order. The more time you allow, the cheaper the paper!

Price Matters - Discounts!

Make sure to take advantage of the discounts available too. You will get 15% off your first order, and then you will get a life time discount of 5% off when you order more than fifteen pages, 10% with more than fifty pages and a whopping 15% when you order one hundred pages or more. Seasonal discounts are also available, so do check before placing your order.

What If You Need Help Placing Your Order?

Grade on Fire offers live chat either online or over the telephone, so if you’re not sure of your exact requirements, or you just want some reassurances, be sure to make use of this service.

Are There Any Guarantees of Success?

Grade on Fire have a full, plagiarism free guarantee. Regardless of the subject and the academic level, your completed paper will be 100% original, and will be ran through a program such as Copy Scape to ensure it will pass a plagiarism check.

While Grade on Fire will do everything they can to ensure you’re pleased with your product, things can occasionally go wrong as they can with any industry. Maybe the writer you requested is unavailable, or the writer becomes ill and misses the deadline. Grade on Fire offer a money back guarantee, ranging from 50% to 100% of your money back depending on the situation. They will even offer a partial refund if you choose to cancel your order once the writing process has begun. Now that’s customer service!

Check Out What Other Customers Say

Of course, it’s unlikely anything will go wrong. You only need to check their testimonial page to know that much. With the multitude of four and five star reviews from satisfied customers, you can be confident you are in good hands. It’s worth noting that 80% of their first time customers become repeat customers.

Overall, is one of the best academic writing sites on the market. You can rest assured you will pay fair prices, and receive high quality work from qualified writers in return.

So you can sit back and relax, knowing that worrying over your assignments is a thing of the past! Review Customers’ Reviews(0) Review comments(0)

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