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Our first impression on opening the Prime Writings website was one of reaching for our eye glasses - the font is so small and so dense on the page that it is extremely difficult to read. The buttons along the left-hand side of the screen are notated properly but, again, are so small and closely packed together that it is awkward to read. It is almost as if there has been a contest to include every single piece of information about the company and its services on the landing page alone.

Some Prime Writings review pieces that we read also complained of the unreadability of the site - one saying that they passed it over for this reason.

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Writers, support, quality of service

Prime Writing has a massive list of services at the bottom of its landing page. These are apparently looked after by 18,454 writers! That is a lot of writers. Given that amount of writers, we found it odd that according to their own “current status” board, they recruited just three new writers in the whole of the previous week.

Prime Writings claim that, when writing essays, they compare the paper to the topics covered in class and offer language and dialect options between UK and US English.

Aside “stating” that their writers are highly qualified and able to match the client requirements for essays, Essay Writings offer no proof of this, and there are no biographies or any type of individual write ups regarding any of these 18,454 authors in their database.

Customer support is 24/7 and this is available via a toll-free phone number, live chat, and email.

Some of the PrimeWritings customers reviews that we read mention the lack of detail regarding the writer’s skills and qualifications.

Payments and safety prices are average for the marketplace in which it is providing its papers. An academic essay, at university level, of 10-pages, and with a deadline of 11-days, came in at $159.90 before any discounting.

So, is Prime Writings safe? This site has been in existence for over 10 years so the site should be legitimate, encrypted, and safe to use. When we clicked on the “recent entries” section of the site we got a malware alert. We tried another of the buttons and had the same thing - this is not good - not good at all. We did alert them via email - but the malware was still present twelve hours later - go figure!

The discount code offers a fairly standard 15% off of the first order and then discount for 15 pages of 5%, for 30 pages a 10% discount and for 50 pages and over, a 15% lifetime discount is available

PrimeWritings coupon codes are not available.

Prime Writings promo codes are not available either. reviews emphasise the pricing and discount aspects of the value argument regarding this companies offerings.

Free features

There are a free outline, title pages, and a bibliography as well as free amendments, formatting, and a plagiarism report. The total value of this comes in at $80.

The company state that they also have free proofreading by their editors to double check any essay that is written. rating scores on external websites do not rate the company terribly highly for its generosity in giving free offers.


Although it has been around for 10 years plus to us, PrimeWritings just simply doesn't seem to have its marketing act together. The typeface on its website is ridiculously small it is difficult to read for anyone who does not have perfect eyesight. Clicking on a section of the site only to find that you are exposed to malware is certainly not going to do the site any favors either - and they seemed in no hurry to fix this. BBB, (Better Business Bureau) affiliation or membership could not be verified.

PrimeWritings testimonials number some 1024 separate entries and take the form of a couple of lines of comment around the size of a tweet. There is nothing even remotely bad in any of those we randomly looked at - so these should be treated with a degree of caution, as they are internal to the site, and not independent. Review Customers’ Reviews(1)


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I always check the papers I order from writing services for plagiarism before handing them in. And they had been always unique, till I ordered from Rush My Essay. The essay performed by their "expert" writers had 63% of plagiarism in it. That's what you pay for when you order from this service! I asked for a refund and got only a part of it for some reason. Can't recommend it to anyone.

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I want to tell every customer that they shouldn't use this service, unless they want to get bad paper with dozens mistakes!

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