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Resume writing can be a problem, especially if you have ESL, or struggle to write such an important document. Resumes Planet says they'll help you write a resume that really makes you stand out. There's a lot of these services out there though, so how can you know if they're legit? This review will help you out.


ResumesPlanet covers the whole spectrum of resume writing. They can write your resume for you, edit an existing resume, and even get the cover letter written for you. They also branch out into online recruiting, by helping you create the perfect LinkedIn profile.

These are all impressive services, but there's no evidence that the writers they hire can handle this kind of work. How do you know that they're experienced writers? A lot of the time, you just have to go on trust. When it's such an important piece of writing on the line, do you really want to do that?


If you really want to know how good a service is, the best way to find out is to look at their reviews. However, we weren't able to find any testimonials on their site. This doesn't bode well for their work, as if they had good reviews they surely would be sure to have them available to read.

There are samples available for customers to read, so you can see what styles of resume you can expect from them. On our inspection, we found them to be good, but not exceptional. When you see the prices, you'll want more for what you're spending.


The prices for a resume vary, depending on what kind of job you want it to be tailored for. At time of writing, there are several options available:

- Entry level

- Professional

- Career change

- Executive

- Federal

- Military

Prices will then vary depending on what exactly you need, and how soon you need it. We priced up an entry level resume, and prices range from $89.95 USD if you can give the writers 5 days, to $134.95 if you need the resume within 24 hours.

You can get a coupon for a cheaper price, if you're looking for a bargain. There's no discount code as such, but you can buy packages of services and get money off the order. For example, you can get a resume and cover letter and save over $25 on the order.


There's a lot of information about how you'll get support before you order, but there's nothing we could see about how you would be supported after you order. If you're not happy with what you get, it's not clear you go about having it amended or your money back.


In all honesty, there's much better places online for you to get a resume written than We would recommend, as they have expert writers at your disposal. They'll also do amendments for you if you need them, and even give you your money back if needs be. Review Customers’ Reviews(0) Review comments(0)

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