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UK Essays represents themselves as a UK based writing service that targets students and businesses with a variety of writing options. They are based in Nottingham UK. Our review of this website is the result of ordering a 2-page essay with a two-week deadline, contacting customer support, exploring the offerings on the website, and researching feedback from other customers. To learn more about, keep reading.


This writing service seeks customers in UK, United States, Australia, and other countries. However, its service offerings are largely geared to UK based customers. As a result, it can be a bit difficult to find the services one needs, especially if they are based in the states. We were able to find that they offered essay writing, report writing, dissertation writing, and several other academic writing services. In addition to those, the company also offers help with proofreading and rewrite.


Let’s start at the beginning. To say the very least, placing the order was quite confusing. We indicated that we were American customers, and while the pricing was changed to US dollars, nothing else was. This made the process of selecting the quality we wanted quite difficult. For example, one of the options we had was to choose a Bachelors level paper which was a grade B, and around 65%. While this might represent a grading and degree structure in the UK, this doesn’t match any sensible standards in the United States. We were certainly unable to discern why a person would want a better final grade on a paper based upon which year of school they were in.


Sadly, things did not get any better when it came to the final product. It was full of errors and clearly not written by somebody who has a good mastery of the English language. We found that the reviews we read online had similar things to say.


Unfortunately, we have more bad news here. The prices are simply astronomical. Paying nearly 120 dollars for a 2 to 3 page paper with a 14-day due date is worlds beyond basic market price. It is even more appalling when one considers that this was just for a paper that might receive a B grade. The company does offer a few discounts, but none of these are enough to make the prices worth it. We were unable to find a coupon or discount code in spite of searching for one.

Support Assistance

We contacted support regarding our confusion about the website, and spoke with a very friendly young woman. Unfortunately, she could not seem to find an answer to our questions. If this company wants to be regarded as legit, they should definitely consider implementing some training.


It is very rare that we have to write such a negative review. In most cases, we either find at least a few positive things to say. Unfortunately, we cannot give this service very high rankings. We recommend customers find another academic writing service instead. Review Customers’ Reviews(0) Review comments(0)

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